Actions to Support Global Justice

#LawNotWar #NoWar #WorldBEYONDWar

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See what happened at NoWar2018 in Toronto, Canada, September 21-22, 2018.

Ask national governments to publicly commit to using the rule of law to prevent war: CLICK HERE.

One of many strategies for supporting justice is to encourage the International Criminal Court to prosecute equally, and to expand the court to include all countries. We’ve started a petition to Fatou Bensouda, Prosecutor for the International Criminal Court. It reads: “People of the U.S. and World Ask ICC to Prosecute U.S. War Crimes.” SIGN HERE.

See A Global Security System.

See our UN reform/re-creation proposal Global Emergency Assembly.

Watch this video from Democracy Convention in Minneapolis 2017:

Watch these videos from World Beyond War’s No War 2016:

Learn about When the World Outlawed War.

To help out with World Beyond War’s campaign to support global justice, contact us below:

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