Standin’ in a Hard Rain

Standin' in a Hard Rain: Lessons from the Last Revolution: The Making of a Revolutionary Life By Joel Eis

World BEYOND War is proud to be publishing this important, delightful, inciteful, and provocative new memoir by Joel Eis. 

He became  one of the people his parents warned him against!

… He was followed and informed on. His phone was tapped. He was shot at, did some time in jail, and was black listed from work. The last time he saw his FBI file, it was as thick as a small city phone book.

Standin’ in a Hard Rain, the Making of a Revolutionary Life is the fast-paced, personal, “boots-on-the-ground,” front line account of major events by a dedicated radical in the 1960’s (and beyond) who found himself at the table with the planners and out in the street, running from the cops. 

It traces the difficult evolution of a generation trying to stay true to their values  in a country in which they felt at odds. It ends with the burning of his draft card at the age of 73.  

Includes 85 documents and photos.

979-8-218-11060-4 ISBN paperback.

Bookstores can order from Ingram.

Where to Get It

Standin' in a Hard Rain, The Making of a Revolutionary Life: Lessons from the Last Revolution …
Eis , Joel , D

Buy the paperback from your local bookstore. Or buy a signed copy or bulk copies at a discount from the author’s own bookstore:

Rebound Bookstore in San Rafael, California.

Contact Joel Eis at

Or buy it from Amazon, Powell’s, Barnes & Noble.

About Joel Eis

I was born in Washington D.C. and grew up in Fresno, California. Beginning life as “red diaper” baby in a pro-labor Jewish household. My parents refused to cross picket lines. At age eight, I played in my communist uncle’s back yard with Carl Bernstein. From my college days on, I seemed to be in the right place at the right time to be on the front lines of some of the major events of the 1960’s. Student strikes, draft resistance, the Grape strike in California. I even helped get Eldridge Cleaver out of the country away from the FBI. I worked in important radical theatre companies for progressive change. This put me in front of the crowd but it also increased the surveillance on my activities. I was not afraid to be one of the people our parents warned us against. I was followed and informed on. My phone was tapped. I was shot at and I did some time in jail. The last time I saw my FBI file it was as thick as a small city phone book. After a career as a professional theatre designer and professor, my wife Toni and I own and run a small bookstore north of San Francisco. We use the space for workshops and public events. I talk politics with my customers all day. Visit my website at

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Join the Author for an Online Book Club

In May 2023, World BEYOND War will be holding a weekly discussion each of four weeks of the book “Standin’ in a Hard Rain” with the author Joel Eis as part of a small group WBW book club limited to a group of 18 participants. Joel will send each participant a signed hardcopy of the book or an electronic copy (your choice). We’ll let you know which parts of the book will be discussed each week along with the Zoom details to access the discussions. Learn more and reserve your spot here.

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